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We share your passion for cryptocurrency and enjoy our readers getting in touch with us. Please fill
out the form below if you wish to reach out for any of the following reasons.

General enquiries

We strive to include every bit of relevant information into our guides, but if you have any questions
regarding a particular cryptocurrency, broker or exchange platform that we have reviewed we will
strive to answer them as soon as possible. Please remember that we have no ownership of the
platforms that we test, all reviews are written after stringent testing.

Guest Posting

If you feel that you could add value through writing a particular review in return for some online
exposure, please leave details in the form below and we will consider the request.

All Business and advertising enquiries

Find all of our advertising options at the Investoo group website, where you’ll be able to directly
contact the commercial team for any business enquiries.

Complaints about platforms that we have reviewed

We have no ownership of the platforms that we provide guides for. All reviews are based on our
own experience of the respective platform at the time of testing.

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