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Editorial Policy

Who Are We?

Howtobuybitcoin.io is a global cryptocurrency news and guide website that is dedicated to providing
you with reliable information on a wide range of crypto-based products and services. Our team of
writers consists of enthusiasts and experts from all around the world.

The guides and recommendations that we provide are based on our own experience and testing
methods and are intended to be called upon as reference. We do not provide any financial advice of
any kind. We do not completely endorse any platform or product. We have a thorough methodology
for testing all platforms that we review, and hope to help our readers explore this nascent industry
with greater confidence.

Our Objective

We believe that digital assets is the next evolutionary progression of the world’s economy. We also
feel that there is not enough clear information surrounding this new industry as there should be.
Our objective is a simple one. To provide our readers with a general level of understanding. We
strive to cover everything; from where and how to buy, how to trade and sell, How to store
investments, developments in global regulations and much more.

Do we make money?

Like any good service, How
tobuybitcoin.io needs to make some revenue to continue our operations.
This income comes from various advertising, marketing, and lead generation. We do not have any
vested interest in any cryptocurrency that we review. Great lengths are taken all information
provided on platforms that we recommend is accurate.

Leaving Comments

We insist that any reader participating in discussions on our website be respectful to one another.
We will not tolerate any post that includes offensive language or abuse. We will not allow any
comment that slanders any of our writers or staff. Using the comments section to post
advertisements to products or services will not be published. We do not allow our readers to provide
any personal information whatsoever such as email addresses and/or telephone numbers.