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Association of E-commerce to cryptocurrencies lever quality of negotiations and physical stores have a promising future

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment method. Its success is unquestionable since it allows us to have an alternative to payments on products that we use in our routines. The consumer and supplier have at their disposal the tool for buying and selling products without the interference of banks, which charge absurd fees on each transaction. The autonomy to dictate what is sold, what is bought and how it is paid, benefits everyone, mainly by the price decrease of all the operations involved in this process. The use of cryptocurrencies on business are factual when we think about transparency, accuracy, and safety.

However, it is still necessary to take care, being the consumer and/or supplier, if you trust your payment tool with cryptocurrencies. Through our research, we analyze and report Mindexcoin, a project responsible for guaranteeing all security, ease, and speed when it comes to encryption and, in addition to that, the suitability of e-commerce with the other project called MindexPay. The idea is to add to digital commerce the possibility of a payment in cryptocurrencies. Let’s understand why these projects have one of the greatest potentials for the renewal of e-commerces.

One of the specialties of Mindexcoin is to provide its own cryptocurrency, that was thought based on the following essential parameters: bigger, better and more effective. Its team of highly skilled developers broke away from the Ethereum blockchain and created their own in January 2019. In addition, MIC is already present in two major exchanges DigiFinex, the third largest exchange in the world and Idax, one of the top 10 exchanges in the world, which moves more than $1 billion a day. In trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency already reached the third position in 24h, reaching the mark of 714% increase and 1,452.20% of ROI (return on investment).

The need for the adequacy of the current market is predictable. Payment systems with cryptocurrencies are approaching the margins of our society’s achievement and are already present in many service spheres. Thinking about this, Mindexcoin created MindexPay, which allows the payment of MICs directly to users’ business wallets at MindexWallet. It is amazing to imagine how this digital currency service can facilitate commerce transactions in general, but more than that, imagine a complete system of payments and receipts dedicated to e-commerce. This market innovation still does not intend to stop at this point thanks to the future project of Mindexcoin: to associate the world of the cryptocurrencies to physical stores. With this idea, making purchases of products in the market near your house, create contracts directly with the seller and pay it in cryptocurrencies will be as possible as is probable. This reality provides yet another incentive for business owners to invest in the technology of Mindexcoin creators.


At Mindexpay, the user has access to an API in its MindexWallet, which is a software that allows you to receive and send information between apps more safely and quickly. The user, in this case, would have the assurance of practicality in its transactions.

The non-concern with problems in online payments is a reality already guaranteed by the  Mindexcoin team. The technology developed over MIC and MindexWallet was designed to work perfectly on the criteria of quality, speed, and efficiency. It is easier to guarantee the stability of service when it is the company itself that does the whole service, which provides the steps of a successful transaction.

Making a bet of guaranteed return is to see about your reality what is at its most advantage and to invest, deeply, on some special purpose. Realize the needs of commerce is to be updated about the progress of your company in the coming days, months and years. To think about the future of the cryptocurrency, Mindexcoin and its MindexPay are the reliable tools to gradually develop their relationship with the financial world.